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"On The Road To Allahabad" Audio Recording

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"On The Road To Allahabad - The Delhi Session" was recorded at
Ved Studios in New Delhi, India.

The original Indian music on this album goes full circle... from a journey through a day in the life of India, to an Indian vocal piece recorded at the end of the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad in 2001. S.A. Alvi, Sitar

The album features Tabla master Akram Khan, with S.A. Alvi on Sitar, and Rakesh Prasanna playing Flutes.

Akram Khan, Tablas Music on the album is featured on the DVD Documentary Movie "Kumbh Mela: Songs Of The River" by Nadeem Uddin .

The final Bonus Track on this album was recorded by David Brunn in Allahabad in February 2001 and features Rama Shankar as vocalist.

The Special Bonus Track is titled "Song of The River" and is featured in the opening scenes of the documentary "Kumbh Mela: Songs Of The River". Rakesh Prasanna, Flutes

Feel free to listen to the music samples provided below, and if you wish to purchase please Click Here to order.

We hope you enjoy this authentic Indian music and share it with your friends.



David Brunn in Ved Studios, Delhi India "It had been five years since I'd worked with tabla virtuoso Akram Khan.

But sitting at a restaurant in Delhi the seeds for this inspired recording were sown.

Alex Johnson and I had just settled in Paharganj, and the journey to Allahabad was already unfolding effortlessly before our eyes.

We were beginning pre-production of the KMP 2001 project, the documentation of the largest gathering of humans ever assembled.

We took a rickshaw to Connaught Circle and over a spirited meal we agreed that Akram would had pick the artists of his choosing and that Alex and I would continue on to Allahabad.

A few weeks later we were to meet at Ved Films Studios to let some great musicians do what they do best ... play their hearts out.

While sitting in the control room watching and listening, I had little doubt about the outcome of this recording."

David Brunn


On The Road To Allahabad
Audio CD Info and Samples
1. Early Morning Raga 4:08
2. Morning Raga 2:05
3. Afternoon 2:00
4. Evening 3:14
5. Bhajan 1 2:29
6. Bhajan 2 3:11
7. Water 0:50
8. Mountains (Longing) 2:04
9. Mountains (Sadness) 1:25
10. Manjira 1 0:39
11. Manjira 2 0:49
12. Tabla Rela (trkt) 0:41
13. Tabla Rela (Dhira Dhira) 0:43
14. Tabla Rela (Madhya) 0:38
15. Tabla Rela (Ar Lay) 0:40
16. Banaras Folk Tune 3:57
17. Romantic Dadra 3:46
18. Yemen 5:01
19. Yemen (Vilambit) 5:00
20. BONUS TRACK: "Song of The River" 7:46
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