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om graphic india light graphic Kumbha Mela Diary Entries:
      by Joy Shayne Laughter.

Something Utterly Strange
Stretching your mind around Kumbha Mela might make globalization a positive idea again.

The Road to Allahabad
You can't always get what you want, plan, arrange, confirm, or pay for, but you get what you need.

The Kumbh and the Covered Casserole
When the world turns upside down, just relax and enjoy the view.

Many Rivers, Choose Your Speed
Ready when you are, Mr. De Mille.

The Road (ouch!) to Khajuraho
Infrastructure is freedom, friendship is wealth, erotic art is Divine.

Ghat 'n' Heaven
What's a Nice Buddhist Like You Doing in a Mela Like This?

Duck Three Times in the River for Salvation

India Journals from Kumbh Mela

india light graphic The Final Dispatch From India, Via Malaysia:
      by Jason Ditzian

Click Here to read the "Final Dispatch".

 India Journals from Kumbh Mela

india light graphic Kumbha Mela Post Script:
      by Bennett Stevens

Click Here to read the "Kumbha Mela Post Script".


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